Chassowitzka River:
 The Chassowitzka River is an unspoiled estuarine habitat along Florida's west coast that serves as important breeding and feeding ground for marine life. Nine miles long from the head of the springs to the Gulf of Mexico the shallow bays support an abundant growth of muskgrass which provides food for various birds and the endangered manatee.
Crystal River:
Six hundred million gallons of fresh water flow daily from more than thirty natural springs. The temperature of the water flowing from the springs remains a constant 72 degrees.
Homosassa River:
The river starts at the main spring and runs eight miles to the Gulf of Mexico.
Rainbow River:
This pristine stream produces up to 500 million gallons of pure water each day, and flows from the many springs that form this aquarium like river.
Withlacoochee River:
On the northern and eastern borders of Citrus County, the Withlacoochee River presents 45 miles of riverfront beauty and recreational opportunities. Northeast of Inverness, the long, lazy Withlacoochee helps refresh the Tsala Apopka chain of lakes, a 23,000 acre bass-rich playground for fisherman and a wetland home for a dozen species of bird and mammal considered rare elsewhere in America.


Big Lake Henderson Lake Tsala Apopka
Little Lake Henderson Lake Hernando
Lake Rousseau Lake Holathlikaha

Fishing Piers:

Eden Park (Park Lake Drive) Hernando Boat Ramp (Orange Drive)
Ft. Island Trail Park (Ft. Island Trail) Ozello (John Brown Road)

Boat Ramps: Citrus County

Chassahowitzka River Campground & Boat Ramp

Hernando Boat Ramp

8600 W. Maggie Dr 3650 E.Lake place
Homosassa, Fl. 34448 Hernando, Fl.
Access to Chassahowitzka River and Gulf of Mexico

Access to Lake Hernando and adjoining lakes.

Duval Island Boat Ramp Macrae’s Boat Ramp
7790 S.Duval Island Dr 5290 S. Cherokee Way
Floral City, Fl. Homosassa, Fl. 34446
Access to Floral City Lake and adjoining lakes. Access to Homosassa River and the Gulf of Mexico.
East Riverside Drive Ramp Mason Creek Boat Ramp
2297 E. Riverside Drive 6891 S. Mason Creek Road
Dunnellon, Fl. Homosassa, Fl. 34446
Access to the Withlacoochee River. Access to Homosassa River and the Gulf of Mexico.
Eden Park Boat Ramp Ozello Community Park
614 Park Lake Terrace, 410 N. Pirate Point
Inverness, Fl. Ozello, Fl.
Access to Little Lake Spivey and adjoining lakes. Access to the Gulf of Mexico

Fort Island Gulf Beach Pete’s Pier Boat Ramp
1600 W. Ft. Island Trail SW 1st Place
Crystal River, Fl. 34429 Crystal River, Fl.
Access to Crystal River and the Gulf of Mexico Access to King’s Bay, Crystal River and the Gulf of Mexico

Fort Island Trail Park Trails End Boat Ramp
12073 W. Ft. Island Trail 12300 E. Trails End Road,
Crystal River, Fl. 34429 Floral City, Fl.
Access to Crystal River and the Gulf of Mexico Access to the Withlacoochee River.

Golden Boat Ramp Turner Camp Boat Ramp
12199 N. Goldendale Ave. 9460 E. Turner Camp Road
Dunnellon, Fl. Inverness, Fl.
Access to Lake Rousseau. Access to the Withlacoochee River

Withlapopka Boat Ramp

10851 Gobbler Drive
Floral City, Fl.
Access to Tussock Lake, Floral City Lake, Hampton Lake and the Withlacoochee River.


Fishing License Information:

Resident 12 Month Freshwater Fishing $13.50
Resident 12 Month Freshwater Fishing/Hunting Combination $23.50
Resident 12 Month Freshwater/Saltwater Combination $25.50
Resident 12 Month Freshwater/Saltwater/Hunting Combination $35.50
64 or Older Hunting and Fishing 13.50
Sportsman’s License, includes Freshwater Fishing and permits for Wildlife Management Area $67.50
Nonresident 7 Day Freshwater Fishing $16.50
Nonresident 12 Month Freshwater Fishing $31.50
Lifetime Fla. Resident Freshwater Fishing License
4 years or younger $126.00
5-12 years $226.50
13 years or older $301.50
Lifetime Fla. Resident Saltwater Fishing License (includes Snook and Crawfish permits)
4 years or younger $126.50
5-12 years $226.50
13 years or older $301.50
5 Year Freshwater Fishing License (no permits required) $61.50
5 Year Saltwater Fishing License (does not include Snook or Crawfish permits or Tarpon Tag) $61.50


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